What Is Natrol Water Pill And Puritan Pride Coupons

Overweight and unnecessary water retention are inter-related. They can compromise the health and even affect the cells in the body. Natrol water pill can guard you from these damages without being harsh on the body. Calcium present in it in the form of calcium carbonate acts as an antacid and treats bloating too.


Natrol water pill is very beneficial to the body. Some of the key benefits are

  • Unnecessary water content is removed from the body. Vitamin B6 present in the pill can flush the accumulated fluid. This process takes place in a healthy manner so that there are no issues due to the sudden emptying of water from the body. It maintains a healthy level of water and alleviates the overall health.
  • Potassium in the water pill of Natrol helps in improving energy by building proteins. During the flush out of unnecessary water, you may experience some fatigue due to the routine visits to toilet. This issue is treated by the potassium. It helps in supplying the energy needed for the body and hence you can do any work during the usage of this pill.
  • Calcium (calcium carbonate) can treat bloating and make you gas free.
  • Over weight is treated by dealing the fluid buildup and bloating effectively. Eye puffiness is also treated by Natrol water pill.


  • Provides multiple benefits.
  • Not too harsh on the body.
  • Excellent for people who are in fear to use diuretics due to the negative effects they have.


Since Natrol water is soft on the body, some people may not experience the results.

Cost and Puritan’s Pride Coupons

You can find Natrol water pills at Puritan.com. The cost is $5.39 for 60 tablets. Puritan’s pride is one of the largest nutritional supplements manufacturers globally and offers thousands of products, like vitamins and minerals. Users can find puritan pride coupons at coupon blogs and save up to 60% off their purchases.


Two tablets should be taken at a time per day. The pills should not be taken more than 5 consecutive days.

Natrol water pills are good for people who want to eliminate the unnecessary fluid and lose weight without being too harsh on the body Learn More Here.

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