Parallels Toolbox New Features


Parallels, a firm well known for producing a tool that enables users of Mac to run windows along mac operating system has debuted Toolbox 1.5 for windows and 2.5 for Mac. This improved suite of simple to utilize implements smoothen all standard computing tasks that you perform several times each day and transform it into operation you can execute out with a single click or two. Here are new tools in parallels’ Toolbox 2.5 for Mac.

Screenshot page

With the aid of this page, you can seize and print long website pages that do not fit into your display. This is an excellent simple technique to screenshot lengthy website pages. It does not matter whether the page is longer than the display because to make the capture feasible, the tool will auto-scroll click this.

Free memory

If you need a little more RAM to execute out a job, this tool will help you. This is because it can recover the memory of RAM and improve its use on your Mac thus providing you a little reassurance. The tool can be a little bit hit and miss. Other times can free up lots of RAM and sometimes not much.


You can unlock boundless possibilities with the brand new parallels’ Toolbox 2.5 for Macintosh accessible currently as a stand-alone item.


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